Thursday, April 10, 2014

Preparing for the Public Access Test

Today we brushed up on more obedience and behavior disruption techniques.  After our lunch break, we had the official "going home" talk.  Tomorrow each dog must take and pass a public access test that 4 Paws requires in order for us to take our service dogs home.  It will be at the mall where we have been visiting.  Rafi is a smart dog and the training has been great, so we're not worried :)

Below is a photo of 4 Paws trainer, Jennifer, and Rafi.  Jennifer did the most 1:1 training with Rafi and we are so impressed with her.

Alec has been very behavioral the past few days and we can't wait to get home and settle in.  We are very excited about graduation tomorrow!  We will be meeting Rafi's foster family tomorrow.  They fostered him as a puppy before his basic obedience training started at 4 Paws.  Tomorrow will also be our last day with the families we have gotten to know so well in this 2-week journey.  Bittersweet.
Also exciting is the e-mail I received today from Alec's teacher, giving the official green light for Rafi to be at Palmer Elementary as of April 28th!  Bill will be in the class, training the 1:1 aide (who is very excited to work with Rafi!).  We hope that this will be the start of more good things to come.
Here's one more great family photo from training:

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