Monday, April 14, 2014

Another Trip to the Hospital Within 10 Days...

This morning at about 2:30 a.m., Bill heard Alec fall out of his bed.  It was another seizure.  Rafi didn't bark alert because we still have some reinforcement training to do, but his crate is pointed right at Alec's bed, and it was good for him to see it.  Rafi recognizes when the 4 Paws trainers appear to have seizures (they pretend to have a seizure and then prompt a bark), but that needs to translate over to Alec and that will take some time.  We have faith in Rafi!

It was another seizure similar to the one that happened in Ohio.  Our local hospital mentioned that this appears to be a "Focal" seizure.  He was sedated and had some testing done, and further testing will be done in Rochester this Wednesday.  Rafi rode in the ambulance and comforted all of us in the children's hospital.  He was "on duty" for over 6 hours and did a wonderful job.

Below is a photo of Alec on the  hospital bed, with his Rafi <3  We are so grateful for this special dog in our lives, at a time when it's very much needed.

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  1. Christina, my thoughts, prayers and love are with Alec and your whole family. I hope the tests reveal what's going on and help determine what's needed. Rafi certainly is coming into your lives at a pivotal time. Sending you all big hugs and lots of love, Tina