Sunday, July 6, 2014

Photo Catch-up, July 2014

Here are some photo highlights of the good moments with Rafi since he's joined our family!  Enjoy!

This is one of the things Alec likes to do with Rafi -- put water on his head while he's in the bath :)

Sweet moment at bedtime

Hangin' on the couch


Rafi at poolside

Alec splashing with Rafi

Alec and Rafi spent 20 minutes together in his play tent :)

Family on the couch (minus Mommy taking the photo)

Rafi and his favorite toy - the Jolly Ball

Rafi at Alec's therapeutic horseback riding lesson

Rafi hanging out in Alec's tent :)

Alec likes to put Rafi's collar on

The family at sister's birthday party
An adorable photo of "baby Rafi" from his foster family!